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The 3D Sole App is a powerful weapon

Norman Murphy, Phd. Consultant, Director Product and Market Research & Development, Medical Division, Tekscan, Inc. Canada

The Automatic Vacuum Cast System is very nice and well constructed. The storing of the morphology of the foot in a stressed condition is unique. This is good to have.

The automatic vacuum is also unique, and I like this very much. It seems to provide for standardization and repeatability of rerecorded castings.

The 3D Laser Digitizer is original and unique.

The digitization of stressed and unstressed imprint is good, as well as the digitization of positive and negative foot models. This provides for greater options in use.

The available control by software and adjustments via a horizontal positioned laser is nice.

The control of hindfoot and forefoot positions and their relationship is very good since this is a common and popular approach in casting.

For the Cast Platform, the integration of the artwork (Jacobs 2013) was a very nice idea.

The availability to perform length measurement of both feet, width of the forefoot and heel with Malleolar-Torsion-Finder are also unique and good to have.

The coupled tables to the last measurements of BORGinsole and shoe sizes seems also useful.

Regarding the 3D Digitizer Software, having the possibility to view the feet from different body planes is very good to have and useful.

Being able to get the relationship of the forefoot relative to the hindfoot is also an interesting measure to have.

Having a variable scanning height is also useful, and it shows variability in the system.