About BORGinsole

A young and dynamic company

BORGinsole was formed in 2007. Founders Paul Borgions and Gratienne Sioncke believed that the time had come to give their entrepreneurial dream a new boost. The enthusiasm with which Paul as Master of Science in Podiatry had been working for years on developing a product that would help people optimise their movement pattern, led to the creation of the patented BORG"insole".

Extensive research, innovative projects, IWT files and university collaborations contributed to the development of their own combined print and scanning system. In order to design a BORGinsole from the recorded 3D foot scan, a worldwide unique software was created: the BORGinsole 3D Sole APP.

Top sports level

In the meantime, the concept is being applied daily by dozens of podiatrists in Belgium and the Netherlands. The innovative measurement and production techniques enable them to devote more attention to accompanying the client and leave behind the time-consuming production work using the outdated plaster technique.

That the concept is paying off, is proven by the international group of top athletes who are BORGinsole users.

Come visit us

Our BORGinsole staff and the management team would be delighted to welcome you in our new industrial buildings in Rotselaar. A company tour, an introduction to the concept and the production process, the enthusiasm with which our staff deals with your soles day after day will convince you of the added value that we as a partner can represent for you as a podiatrist.

With a team of 10 podiatrists, the slogan “from podiatrists for podiatrists” is certainly justified.

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The driving forces

  • Gratienne Sioncke, CEO

    Gratienne is a Master in Medical Social Sciences and can boast of an extremely rich and varied career. She started her professional career as a midwife, after which she worked as a teacher at the Artveldehogeschool in Ghent. After her university studies in the Medical Social Sciences, she exchanged her job as a teacher for a unique position as a senior researcher in the Vlerick Business School, where she was responsible for management research and development in healthcare organisations. Six years later, and with a backpack full of rich management experience and entrepreneurial spirit, she decided that the time had come to join forces with her husband Paul and start up their own company. In 2007, BORGinsole was born!

    As the - provisionally - crowning achievement, on 4 March 2015 Gratienne received the 2014 Womed Award as female entrepreneur of the year from the hands of Queen Mathilde.

  • Paul Borgions, COO

    In contrast to his wife, Paul´s basic education was more in line with his ultimate professional career. With a degree in Physical Education and Sports, right from the start he was interested in walking and running patterns and linking these to dysfunctionality of the locomotor system. This led him to study Biomechanics: first as an autodidact in America, then in Belgium via the then-newly created study of Podiatry, in order to ultimately - on the other side of the Channel, in Brighton - earn the degree of Master of Science in Podiatry.

    His professional obsession led to the development of the podiatric functional foot orthotics that today are the BORGinsole insoles. His desire to share this sublime system with colleagues who do biomechanics in the same passionate way constitutes BORGinsole´s reason for being.