The BORGinsole

  • Patented 3D technology
    Patented 3D technology

    The BORGinsole 3D digitizer makes a perfect scan of your foot in its ideal position. This foot model is processed with the patented BORGinsole 3D application, so that not only your foot axes are optimised, but all of your joints which you need when walking and running. In this way, via your foot your entire movement system is synchronised at every moment in your movement.

  • Hygienic, machine-washable
    Hygienic, machine-washable

    It is very important that feet be and remain clean and well-cared-for. In many materials, bacteria and fungi can sometimes survive for months. BORGinsole therefore opts for washable EVA materials. They don´t absorb moisture, so they also cannot function as a culture medium for fungi (or fungal spores). BORGinsole insoles can be perfectly aired and washed (in the washing machine at 40°).

  • Longer lifespan
    Longer lifespan

    All our EVA materials are tested for resistance to wear and tear by independent research centres. Even better proof is the satisfaction of our users, who can wear 1 pair of BORGinsole insoles for 2 to 4 years and sometimes longer. During an annual check-up, we can often very easily adapt EVA material for correction and/or wear and tear. High price-quality ratio, even without any form of reimbursement!

  • A single pair for every activity
    A single pair for every activity

    BORGinsole insoles can be very easily adapted to different types of shoes and activities. It is possible to use a single pair in your everyday shoes, your running shoes, your football boots, ski boots, work shoes, etc. Thus no extra costs. Naturally, if desired each pair can be perfectly and identically duplicated at a reduced price.

  • Ultra lightweight material
    Ultra lightweight material

    EVA materials do not absorb any moisture, they are wear-resistant and stable, have a high tensile strength and elasticity and moreover are very lightweight. Your BORGinsole will only weigh a few dozen grams, often no more than the standard sole that is already in your shoe. This makes them ideal for every athlete. A BORGinsole can thus be easily adapted to your football boots, running shoes ... and leisure shoes.

  • Custom-made

    Both your left foot and your right foot are individually examined and adjusted. Most systems use a print that they afterwards link to a model from a “foot library”. BORGinsole, by contrast, starts with your foot and continues to use your 3D foot scan during each optimisation. This means that corrections are easily tolerated, because your foot will always recognise the insole as very natural.