Our unique BORGinsole technology

BORGinsole offers a comprehensive solution for podiatrists, in terms of service and with regard to hardware and software. Thanks to our 3D Digitizer and the 3D Scan App, you make a digital cast of the foot. With the BORGinsole High Speed cameras and the 2D Video app you receive an ideal video gait analysis. Our intelligent sensors for gait analysis ensure a complete and reliable functional movement analysis. The related software assures clear reporting. With our brand-new and globally unique 3D Sole App you create the perfect digital sole. And naturally, BORGinsole is the go-to company for the actual production of the soles.

Are you also looking for a digital customer management system? Here, too, we offer a solution that is custom-tailored to your podiatry practice. And all of this at an affordable price.

Collaborate with BORGinsole?

How do you ideally digitize a neutrally-stressed foot?

As a podiatrist, you know the added value of a stressed compared to an unstressed cast, but you also know how important a neutral hindfoot is as a starting point. The BORGinsole combi-cast and 3D digitizer system has been developed especially for this purpose.

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The innovative solution for your foot scan

3d Systems V3

Why a High Speed camera?

The naked eye can only register 8 to 10 images per second. While ´walking´, a single cycle lasts around 600 to 800 milliseconds. An initial heel contact thus lasts only a few dozen milliseconds. In order to be able to draw a proper sole concept as a full-fledged architect, a podiatrist thus needs more than 10 images per second.

BORGinsole makes it affordable for every starting podiatrist to introduce High Speed cameras. From € 436 you already have a High Speed camera with extremely high resolution.

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High speed for a perfect gait analysis

As a podiatrist, do you want to know what the effect of your podiatric sole is on e.g. the pelvis?

The BTS G-Sensor measures not only all values in times and accelerations, but also tells you how much pelvis rotation, drop and tilt there is during each phase of the walking or running cycle.

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For when you really want to know what impact your soles are having on the pelvis

In just a few seconds, the software of the BTS G-Walk sensor gives you a complete and personalised report of symmetry indicators, time and accelerations and pelvic movements. Comparisons before and after therapy are very clearly and quickly presented in the form of tables and reports.


Do you know a software that can design podiatric functional insoles, which starts from a neutrally-loaded footprint and performs every manipulation on the original scan of the left and right foot?

The BORGinsole 3D Sole App can perfectly and accurately create the entire architectonic ´insole plan´, drawn up by the podiatrist, in 7 clicks.

Discover our 3D Sole App
From scan to patented insole in 7 clicks

All of the parameters that the podiatrist has incorporated into his technical plan are flawlessly implemented by the 3D Sole App. Omissions or errors are 100% excluded.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this is unfamiliar to you as a podiatrist, because it’s a veritable world premiere in the world of podiatry.

Do you already have a digital gateway to the Healthcare of the future?

Increasingly, it will be possible for the patient himself to call up all his medical information, and the medical and paramedical disciplines will be able to communicate with one another digitally.

Those who aren´t linked to a digital platform will find themselves (as well as their patients) partially out of the game, so don´t miss this chance to get in at the beginning.

Discover our digital customer management system
“Big Data”: as a podiatrist, you too will have to take the step one day

BORGinsole already has 10 years of experience in digitizing all podiatric information. Optimising the innovative ERP system and keeping it up-to-date is a must in contemporary medical communication.


Why use podiatric measurement devices in your practice?

BORGinsole is a patented insole. Measurement is necessary in order to properly design an individual 3D foot model, according to its own axis system. It’s important to measure not just the foot, but the knee and hip as well.

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Developed for the podiatrist: useful, reliable and easy on the budget

User-friendly and affordable measurement devices were developed that make measuring easier and more precise. In this way you have your hands free for measuring, and fewer actions are necessary to hold and use the measuring device.