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A top-of-the-range product

For about 8 years I manufactured podiatrist insoles utilising an artisanal process. A process that isn’t just very time-consuming, but also physically taxing. When I was pregnant, I didn’t have enough time and I wasn’t physically capable to continue working with this taxing process. Then I decided to switch to BORGinsole.


In retrospect, I should have made the switch 5 years earlier. The days I used to spend in my lab back then, can now be utilised for other ends. This isn’t just beneficial for my practice, but also for my family life. More time, heightened efficiency. A top-of-the-range product, more accurate, more durable and easier to maintain. Satisfied patients: that’s what it’s all about. The practice keeps growing. Word-of-mouth is strong thanks to the sports club or the shoe store in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, a lovely new colleague has joined us. Also due to the success of BORGinsole.