Why choose BORGinsole?

Why choose BORGinsole?

BORGinsole guarantees:

  • High-tech podiatric functional soles with European patent
  • Many years of experience in the niche market of podiatry
  • Active, passionate protection of the podiatrists in Belgium
  • Top-quality products exclusively for podiatrists
  • Unique tools specifically developed for podiatrists
  • Own laboratory where the BORGinsoles are made
  • BORGinsole is an innovative Belgian company with its own research and development department (Young Innovative Company label)
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Podiatrists choose BORGinsole because of:

  • 100% efficiency and more attention for the patient
  • A blessing for starters
  • This time savings is really worthwhile

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Our prices include all possible hardnesses, colours and adjustments (such as rotation of foot axes according to the patent, lift, fascia groove, kinetic wedge, pressure-free zones, special lasts, elements like RCTB, pelota,…).

Prices on demand - only for podiatrists.

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Agreements relating to delivery

  • Shipping maximum 3 working days after receipt of scans.
  • Delivery always within a week, and this continuously throughout the year.
  • There is no required minimum purchase per week or per month.

Marketing and training support

  • As a company, BORGinsole offers excellent marketing tools, and we provide customised training courses and personal service to all our podiatrists.
  • BORGinsole regularly makes positive appearances in the press, and pays great attention to PR and to the media in general.