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Motion analysis Never Been So Easy.

As podiatrists, we want to be able to apply our biomechanical added value in our treatment plan. For this we need the right parameters. A modern video analysis will be a necessity in order to stand out from the sole offer in retail, shoe stores and running shoe stores. The right cameras and the right podiatric software for walking and running analysis will be very useful for this.


BTS G-Walk sensor

BTS G-Walk is a portable wireless sensor that generates an objective and accurate functional movement analysis. The tests are fast, easy to perform and simple.

The BTS G-Walk analytical method is based on the testing of body movements in order to investigate the most important elements of the kinematics: spatiotemporal parameters, symmetry, force and the 3-plane movements of the pelvis.

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BTS G-Walk sensor Software

The wireless sensor is connected by Bluetooth to PC or laptop in order to register the spatiotemporal parameters and the pelvic movements.

The sensor is fastened with a belt to L4. After each test an automatic report is drawn up showing the parameters that were analysed during the test.

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A 2-page report is drafted in just a few seconds, enhanced with tables and diagrams.

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