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Automatic cast system with the 3D Digitizer

The BORGinsole 3D Digitizer makes a 3D footprint that serves as the basis for creating the podiatric functional sole BORGinsole.

A protocol is followed for the dimensional measurement of this patented sole. The 3D Digitizer has the unique characteristic of influencing the axes on the 3D foot model of the specific left and right foot, for the purpose of optimising the foot function and the function of the entire movement system to the ankle, knee, hip and back.

The BORGinsole 3D Digitizer was developed entirely in-house via an IWT project within the framework of the BORGinsole Patent of 6/12/2011.

The device is composed of 3 elements: Automatic vacuum cast system, 3D Laser Digitizer, Cast and measurement platform.

Only one system for several practices

BORGinsole´s 3D Digitizer calibrates itself each day. This is indispensable for performing a perfect scan, and it distinguishes the BORGinsole 3D Digitizer from all other scanning devices on the market. Daily calibration ensures that the 3D Digitizer is very stable, which in turn is necessary for guaranteeing the highest accuracy.

For anyone working in several practices, BORGinsole offers the ideal solution so that only a single investment is required: just one 3D Digitizer has to be purchased for multiple practices. Contact us for more information

Evaluation 3D Digitizer by Norman Murphy, Ph.D. Biomechanics University of Montreal   

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3D Digitizer software

The digitization of the neutrally-loaded footprint, with the laser scanner and camera, is done from the 3D Digitizer software to the embedded PCB in the digitizer. The entire scan system is recalibrated each day, because accuracy is vitally important for BORGinsole. Both footprints are registered as a 3D foot model in 50 seconds.

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3D Digitizer software