BORGinsole HighSpeed Cameras

Why a HighSpeed Camera?

As podiatrists, we want to be the foot´s architect. The most important thing for an architect is measurement. And science tells us that ´measuring is knowing´. The naked eye can only register 8 to 10 images per second. While ´walking´, a single cycle lasts around 600 to 800 milliseconds. An initial heel contact thus lasts only a few dozen milliseconds. In order to be able to draw a proper sole concept as a full-fledged architect, we thus need more than 10 images per second. Therefore introducing HighSpeed cameras is something that will give you very great added value as a podiatrist.

Advice and assistance

BORGinsole not only sells cameras, it also provides practical advice and assistance. On the basis of an analysis of the podiatrist’s needs and infrastructure, the right camera, lenses and related software are chosen in consultation. The podiatrist also receives organisational advice and practical tips.

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Top-quality High Speed cameras

BORGinsole works exclusively with IDS cameras. IDS is a solid company that is the European leader in this technology. In order to get to know our product thoroughly and be able to rely on an optimal service, BORGinsole limits itself to this top brand within the High Speed cameras market.

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BORGinsole 2D Video App

BORGinsole developed its own video analysis system exclusively for podiatrists: the BORGinsole 2D Video App.

There are various systems for video recording and analysis. The use of HighSpeed cameras is already becoming somewhat more difficult. The BORGinsole 2D video APP was specially developed for podiatrists: adapted to their needs, their language and their reporting to doctors, physical therapists or osteopaths.

BORGinsole offers a system where a starting podiatrist can work with 1 High Speed camera and then has the possibility of expanding up to 6 High Speed cameras without any extra software investments being necessary later. Naturally, the PC requirements for 1, 4 or 6 cameras will be different. A good PC and a good laptop can handle 2 to 3 HighSpeed cameras up to 100 fps (frames per second).

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