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Die-hard becomes convinced user

I always made my functional orthoses myself, following the Root, Orien and Weed method. A very laborious and time-consuming task that I generally did on the weekends, "so as not to be interrupted". The result: no more time for family and friends, for extra training courses, congresses or colleagues. So I was isolated, but I had the conviction that I could keep everything under control this way. This attitude held me back from using BORGinsole for years, because for me the patient deserves the best knowledge and dedication for the best result, and I thought that my working method was the only one for controlling everything. That is what I´d learned from my American colleagues, and also from Mr Smekens, who at that time was the only podiatrist in Belgium with expertise in these functional orthoses. In other words, I had no idea at all what the BORGinsole method consisted of. And I did my best not to understand it, because my method was still producing good results. Nevertheless, a bit by chance I ending up learning about the BORGinsole working method anyway and because the old method of fabrication was taking up more and more of my time and energy, and in light of the good results of other colleagues, I dared to take a step into the future. The soles always remain the decision of the podiatrist after his painstaking biomechanical examination. That’s the basis for the decision: can I do the job with just sole therapy, or should I call on the assistance of other colleagues such as physiotherapists, chiropractors or osteopathy? When you decide to make the functional sole, the next step is the imprint: in my judgement, it can be taken much more precisely because the imprint is stressed and the patient has a better control from the subtalar joint up to the hip joint, rotation tibia fibula. When making a plaster imprint the way it was done before, it was more difficult to take this neutral position, even for an experienced podiatrist. When deciding on the corrections of the sole you can call on the assistance of highly experienced colleagues who, if necessary, can give you virtually a course over the phone about the possibilities for correcting the imprint. The delivery service for the soles works flawlessly and you always get an e-mail that the soles will be delivered within the week. Even if I´m sick, the patient gets his or her soles on time. And that´s important for the independent podiatrist, because even if your practice shuts down for a while, BORGinsole sends the sole to the patient right on schedule. And all of that with a friendly, helpful team. Now I´m waiting to see the results of the check-ups over the coming year, and then I can offer further comments. I´m not big on doing advertising for one or another product or person, I just want the best for my patients. This is my honest opinion - and thank you once again for helping to usher me into the next century.