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Very happy about my collaboration with BORGinsole!

I'm very happy about the collaboration with BORGinsole. In the beginning, I chose BORGinsole because of their high-quality and functional insoles, but it became apparent very quickly that they are so much more than that. I received perfectly tailored advice on how to set up my practice in terms of lighting, treadmill, computers, ...

Afterwards I had the opportunity to tag along for a few days and see their daily proceedings for myself in order to gain even more experience. This allowed me to master their software in no time. It also became very apparent to me here just how much time and effort their user-friendly software would save me. This is something I still notice in my practice today. By using the podoCLOUD, I have a clear overview and much more time to make a complete record of my patients.

Today, BORGinsole is still assisting me in various ways. If I have a question about their software or if I need more information about a certain pathology, they are always available to help me. On top of that, they also organize a lot of helpful training courses on useful topics!

Last but not least, their insoles are still the highest possible quality and my patients notice that as well. I am very grateful for BORGinsole for this and for how they helped me with developping my practice!