As a podiatrist, you are the architect of the insole, and BORGinsole helps you to create.

What is BORGinsole?

BORGinsole helps podiatrists to develop their practice. The company isn’t just specialised in high-tech podiatric functional soles, but also wishes to introduce affordable innovation and technology.

As a podiatrist, what does BORGinsole mean for you?

Working together with BORGinsole offers many benefits:

  • Customised collaboration: you choose yourself how far the collaboration goes
  • We can take all the technical activities off your hands, thus giving you more time for your patients
  • Unique hardware and software packages tailored to podiatrists, written by podiatrists
  • Personal coaching on starting up your practice and making it thrive
  • Extensive service all year round
  • Continuous professional training
  • Belgian company and Belgian development of the products
  • Marketing support for podiatrists: professional website, folders and a wide range of materials
  • PR support and strong branding of the BORGinsole brand

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BORGinsole labo and Training Centre
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BORGinsole as an extension of your podiatry practice

As a podiatrist, you decide for yourself how you envision our partnership. For every facet of the collaboration we give you the choice: do you keep the whole process under your own management, or would you like to contract out certain processes to us?

The options for cooperating are legion, ranging from hardware for recording the measurements, High Speed cameras and intelligent sensors for gait analysis, combined cast and 3D scan system, to software for synchronous High Speed video recording and analysis, as well as software to design 3D foot captures in accordance with your standards with exploitation of the BORGinsole patent. Our specialists can offer you the right assistance in every phase.

In fact, you build up the cooperation with BORGinsole like an à la carte menu: as a podiatrist, you can keep the design process from scan to insole entirely in your own hands or contract it out to BORGinsole.

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Or maybe an à la carte solution?

The BORGinsole:

the result of our technology

Would you like to walk better, run better and perform better in sports? It all begins by avoiding strain injuries of the ankle, knee, hip, back or even the neck. BORGinsole high-tech podiatry functional insoles keep your body in balance and give adapted control.

They are custom-made after an extensive foot analysis and check-up of your entire movement system. On the basis of a 3D scan your podiatrist designs unique intelligent insoles that help you to walk through life more successfully. Therefore, BORGinsole insoles are ideal for athletes, young children and people with foot problems.

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