BORGinsole measurement devices

Measuring is knowing. BORGinsole has developed very simple measurement devices that make podiatric biomechanical measurements much easier.

How to use the measurement devices?


The Foot-Risk-Finder is positioned behind the heel bone. It is an ideal system for the podiatrist to measure the stance of the hindfoot, but is above all developed for other professional groups to do a basic detection in order to refer (or not) to a podiatrist. It is used especially by general practitioners, physical therapists, osteopaths, shoe salesmen and pedicurists.



The mobility of the first ray can be perfectly measured and read off in mm.


No more messing around with old iron measuring devices that keep your hands fully occupied. This Forefoot-Angle-Finder requires a bit of getting used to, but it quickly becomes indispensable for any modern podiatry practice. Accurate and reliable.

Beeld meetinstrument


Thanks to the long measurement arm, one can precisely measure the tibia position vis-à-vis the ground. This is possible with a relaxed and neutral hindfoot position.


The Angle-Finder is a basic measuring device that can be used multifunctionally. This is an easy device to use for the inversion and eversion movement of the heel bone, the mobility of the first MTP joint and for measuring ankle dorsiflexion.



The Malleolar-Torsion-Finder uses the Pythagorean theorem in order to determine the axis of the malleolar. The device can also be used to measure foot widths (forefoot and heel).